December 21st

Okay, so have your powers activated yet? Because I'm still waiting and I'm getting ready to call customer service!

For those of you that have been living under a rock (or just aren't logged onto Twitter), today is December 21st... the day Black people are supposed to inherit super powers! Taking Black Power to another level people!!!!

Now, if this sounds ridiculous... that's because it is (or you're a hater). What is actually happening within our universe today is called The Great Conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn align on the day known as Winter Solstice. This happens every 20 years but today is the closest these planets have been since 1623. This is creating a major shift in energy and many believe something supernatural will take place due to the rarity of the event.

The super power chit chat began after someone tweeted about Black people becoming more in tune with who they truly are due to the planets aligning. Some linked the event to the bible, some aligned it to astrology, others just want to be Black Lightning. I'm all for each and every approach to this theory but I want to take this opportunity to say... We've had super powers this whole time.

When we think about Black people as a whole, we are all so different based on where the boats docked and how we were raised afterward. The few things we have in common come from our DNA. Our perseverance despite every obstacle thrown at us is a super power. Our ability to create joy even through the most trying of times is a super power. Our love for community and the ability to uplift ourselves is a super power. We have always been great (whether you activated today or not).

We all like to create something to look forward to and to maintain hope that better days will come for us, sometimes this comes out of a random Twitter myth, but I need us to understand that true power lies within our actions. 2020 has taught us more lessons than none but for Black people, I hope we learned how impactful we are.

We joined together and became one voice to fight the unjust acts targeted at us. We vowed to support each other and our businesses before all else. We learned the true meaning of generational wealth and began working on ourselves to break generational curses. Black people, we are doing everything our ancestors could've dreamed of! That is Black Power if I've ever seen it myself.

I want us all to use this energy shift to our advantage!

Astrologically, Jupiter represents optimism and growth while Saturn represents responsibility and discipline.

HELLO! Can we ask for anything better going into a new year than entering into a better sense of self?!

Even if you're not into astrology, take this time to learn more about yourself and your origin. Discover what you want to do in life and explore that in depth. We literally have nothing better to do in the middle of this amazing pandemic than to work on ourselves, why not use The Great Conjunction to do it?

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