February Mental Dump

Hey family!

Welcome back to A Word:The Blog!

I should really be welcoming myself back seeing as though I'm the one who went m.i.a. I'm not mad at myself for spending some time away, but more excited for what I've been working on.

As you can see, I've been pretty busy during my little writing pause. I've done some photoshoots, stepped into my content creation bag (creatively.. still manifesting the coins).

A Word: The Blog also got a cute little facelift. The site definitely reflects the season of life that I'm currently in. "Me Season" is still very much in full effect!

At the start of the year, I bought myself a weekly planner in hopes of organizing the main thoughts and plans that I have more myself and my platforms. I realized that when I have a ton going on or a ton that I want to accomplish, I need to visually see it mapped out in order to fully grasp my own concepts. Is that weird? Idk, I'm rolling with it. Within my planner there is a blank note page at the end of every month that I've started doing what I call a "Mental Dump". I ask myself these three questions: 1) How do you feel about your progress this month? What could you have done better? What is your biggest takeaway from the month?

I wanted to share this months answers with you all because babe I've learned a bunch in a short time.

February was the month that I really took a deep dive into the creative section in my mind. I realized when it came to writing or recording "A Word with Ang" that I've been trying to create the perfect content. Writing every topic I thought was relatable, trying extra hard to be entertaining...Shit stopped feeling like me!

I wanted to get back to creating for myself because I knew then I'd find a truly likeminded audience.

Once I let go of the "perfect" pressure (queue that one Encanto know the one), the ideas started flowing! If anyone knows me, they'd know I love a list and I've definitely created a few to organize my many ideas. I feel like another thing I've learned this month is how to properly plan to accomplish my goals. At this point that weekly planner is with me every where I go. If I can get ahead of myself in regards to planning, I'd get ahead of my self doubt.

Its one thing to doubt yourself when your shit isn't together, but its mighty hard to doubt yourself when you have a plan mkay?!

Another brief reflection... my boundaries became rock solid last month and I am THANKFUL FOR IT! A Word: The Blog turned 2 on February 13th and I obviously did a full reflection of the year leading up to that milestone. I spent that entire year choosing others before myself. Going out when I knew I had a piece or 2 to write, falling behind on my posting schedule because I let a non-factor stress me out, working days I didn't want or need to work because I valued what that establishment thought of me when really the position was always meant to be temporary....

Working for myself became my number one priority Feb. 2022. If it didn't benefit me, it was done in between me time.

All in all, I believe my biggest takeaway from February is that for me, all progress is good progress no matter the pace. I tend to beat myself up when I don't change things via the "cold turkey" method but that honestly just isn't my wave. Slow n steady does it for me just fine. It allows me to see my ups & downs clearly without the added weight of time hanging off my back. In doing so, I've been able to give myself much deserved props. I've honestly been doing amazing sweetie!

I'll keep this sweet lil process going and I'm sure I'll have something good to chat with you all about in 2 weeks!

See you then family, love!


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