how to find your flow?

Friends & Fam!


I realize I’m tardy to that party but listen...

After the year we’ve all just endured, ya girl needed a reset.

At the start of every new year we see the plethora of New Year’s Resolutions. We hear the seemingly never-ending ‘New Year, New Me’ chants. Normally I’m casually sitting off to the side waiting for everyone to realize that come March they’ll have forgotten about these plans to change everything about themselves.

This year, I’ve decided to join in on the action! I’ve realized that I truly can’t afford to remain the person I was last year or even years before that. That person was very much one to go with the flow. I’ve never been a “follower” but I definitely took pride in how well I take direction and how well I could execute a plan, even if that plan didn’t belong to me.

When beginning my own journey into making something of my writing and using my voice for something bigger...I was lost. I didn’t have a clue of what steps to take because I honestly didn’t have a clear example. Being the person that thrived on direction and pre-written blueprints this stamped a huge WTF on my forehead and I’m sure others saw this within me. What I’ve recently discovered about myself is that this is not only my greatest weakness but is what could possibly become my greatest strength.

Following a blueprint or creating a plan is what I do best. This is why I clung to English throughout all of my years of study. There were strict guidelines when determining style but there was still major room to be creative. Create your own prompt but write it in outline form...Think freely and use your imagination but organize it. That sort of organized chaos would push most away but I lived for it! I carry this method with me subconsciously when writing my ‘Weekly Words’ or creating content in general. I didn’t understand that applying the outline method to my life is the key to taming what is undoubtedly insanity. Shout out to every English teacher I’ve ever had to be honest... look at you all teaching me life lessons.

Now I don’t speak in past tense because I have it all figured at this time.. you guys know me better than that by now.

I speak to that realization in past tense because I’ve moved on from that space and I’m now in planning mode. Writing the outline for my life as we speak. The true highlight of my thought is that I’ve got to find my flow and ride with that. Following the current and going with someone else’s flow hoping I’ll know what to do with mine has been blocking my blessings.Once I create my own flow (and meticulously map it out) I’m 1000% sure I will unlock my greatest potential. Call that my New Year Resolution.


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