How You Livin?

Family! The break is over!

You guys know I periodically take a moment to collect myself and sometimes to focus on other things.

This time I took my first trip out of the country (10/10 would recommend)!

I launched the official merchandise for this blog (click here to shop)!

I've truly been working on my work/life balancing.

I've said it on this blog multiple times and probably will never stop saying it but...

balance and boundaries are KEY!

Recently I've been reminded that life is too short to fill it with things that don't make you happy. People will go their entire lives living for the approval and satisfaction of someone else. Spending 8 hours a day working for a company that doesn't know you exist and then coming home with no energy to do what you want... this can't be what life is about.

Living for yourself has to come into play at some point right? Well no, that's something that you must make a priority. It doesn't just come to you.

For me, living for myself looks a bit different than it would to the naked eye.

It doesn't show itself in the form of an action or a phrase but in a mindset.

Let me set the tone...

As a person, I'd say I'm very much a people pleaser. I say this in present tense because I'm still actively working on this. To me, being a people pleaser means I put the needs of others before myself. I'm quick to drop what I'm doing to aid someone else and end up neglecting my own wants and needs. Putting myself first has definitely been a challenge for me but I'm not backing down.

Since taking on the challenge I've watched myself rely less on the approval of others when it comes to anything. My opinions have become truly my own as I'm not afraid of what people will think of me based on my views. I've become less critical of my body throughout its consistent transformation and I'm overall treating it in a way that I feel is best for me. The thoughts and concerns of others are becoming less of a concern to me.

I'm spending less time trying to fit a mold and more time creating my own. It feels a little strange but a good kind of strange because less and less is coming between my vision.

I don't know if its me getting older or just being fed up with going with the flow but I'm ready to move for myself. You guys have gotten close to me through my words so I'm sure you've noticed the evolution but when I say its being taken to another level...keep your eyes open!!

This week's word and next week's word and the word after that is Self: a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others.

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