In My Own Words: Collection 2 ft. Valerie Tobi

"...she was not ready for the cruel and deceiving world..."

Whether you're extremely prepared or not sure what's really going has a way of throwing one huge 'L' at your forehead. Throughout the adventures of a 20-something navigating a small part of this world, we've all experienced situations that have appeared less than genuine. We've based our aspirations on the affirmations we've received as children and have taken those mental participation trophies with us along the way.. a bunch of true delusional messes.

By now our eyes are either open or closed shut due to the scary sights in front of us. We're understanding that nothing is really as it seems but this isn't necessarily the worst of it, right? We're aware and thats the first step on the ladder.

Our generation speaks of 'breaking generational curses' often and I believe the very idea of being self-aware is the corner piece to that puzzle. We've seen what this world has done to those that came before us and are taking note of the "to do" and "not to do" aspects. A lot of us are so set on not being beat up by life that we're literally beating life to the punch. We're working our hardest, giving all of ourselves to everything but ourselves, trying to make a mark on the world that means something to those around us but what we're missing out on is making a mark on ourselves.

That is the true price to breaking countless generational curses... choosing ourselves. We've seen the people pleasing scenarios..."mom wanted me to be a doctor so here I am in med school"... "I knew if we didn't have kids he'd leave me"...blah blah.. this is where we're pumping the breaks and I couldn't be more thrilled. There is no amount of outside influence that can pull us from ourselves. Maybe this makes us selfish but we have one life to live at a time.. why wouldn't we live it serving ourselves?

How are you actively serving yourself? Drop a comment to share...

About the featured writer:

Valerie Tobi

Valerie Tobi is a recent graduate from Xavier University.

She was born and raised in London, England before venturing out to study in the states. Prior to university she has a few LAMDA qualifications under her belt.

Valerie describes herself as a creative individual with a passion for all things music, art and culture.

Her love for poetry stems from music as she loves to write about the human experience. You can find more of Valerie's work on her IG page: @valerie_the_creator .


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