"In My Own Words" featuring Christopher Mann

So stop getting distracted by the things you can't control...

Focus on your peace because that's something to behold...

As of late, I've been struggling to keep my focus. It really seems as if nothing around me is holding its shape and any and everything is falling apart or not going as planned. I've planned everything in depth since I was a child, and I believe part of my problem as an adult is that I'm not always keen on the idea of adapting. Have I done it, of course. But adapting to a less than ideal circumstance has always been the rain to my one woman parade. I've always been the person that will figure her way out but damn, every once in a while I don't want to figure it out. Where is my smooth, shiny finish?

Control has always been very important to me. If I could take charge of every situation in front of me, the smile on my face would never leave. The problem with demanding control is that the idea of control is an illusion. You can't truly control anything in this life or the next because what is for you has already been written. We can plan away and calculate until we find something that feeds our mind but in reality, everything can change in a second. The one thing we have the ability to do is focus.

The Oxford definition for focus in noun form is "the center of interest or activity" or "to pay particular attention to" in verb form. What are we really paying attention to? The hard times and struggles? The hurt and the tears? What about the parts where we smile, where we give love because we can, where we breath because we're living in a place surrounded by endless possibilities? Why aren't we paying attention to the moments that make our heart beat irregularly or the things that send a rush through us? We all need to understand that everything falls apart. The only thing that is permanent in your life is you. Become the center of interest and figure out what makes and when you do, pay particular attention to that.

About the featured writer:

Christopher Mann is an author born in Virginia and raised in Maryland. He's been writing for 10 years and wants people to receive inspiration from his work. To check out more of Christopher's work follow his Instagram page: @ichristhepoet and also check out his newest book "Something Not Expected", now available on Kindle!

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