"In My Own Words" featuring Corrine A. Harris

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

As if rain doesn't bring us fruit, As if it doesn't wash us clean...

I believe we as humans struggle with the idea of struggle itself. We go through life in such a base by base way. We'll be faced with a scenario and only focus on how that situation makes us feel in that moment. We're down and out, really going through it...feeling all sorts of emotions but going through the motions at the same time. When the rain clears, we don't stop to take a look at what has been cleared away, we're on to the next thing instead.

People constantly use the phrase "trials and tribulations"but I don't think we really understand its meaning. The trials of life are quite literally a test. Tribulations are by definition a cause or a state of great trouble or suffering. This is literally the worst... why exactly are we focusing on these again? The tribulations are a test on our character development. How are we going to react to these scenarios going forward? Do we know how to handle ourselves or are we still growing? The storm in our story is supposed to bring us destruction. But have we thought about how the destruction allows us to rebuild? That process can change everything. We'll begin to put things into perspective, realize what is truly important to us. What does everyone say when shit hits the fan... "it could be worse".

It could be worse but instead you're left with a clean slate or at least one that you can begin to clean yourself. Of course we're not going to immediately look at a situation and see the silver lining. Sometimes we're going to go straight for the what the fuck of it all and thats okay. But when does picking our battles apply to our own lives and not just situations with other people. Some situations don't require a large amount of attention because at the end of the day, the moment is just that...a moment. It will pass and there will be something positive that comes out of it. The positive may not be immediately recognizable due to its form but it will most definitely be there. It may show itself in physical form or it may be a change in mentality. Through it all, without the struggle, the pain and in this case the rain, we wouldn't know how to appreciate what is. There would be no bliss because we wouldn't know what that is.

About the featured writer:

Corrine A. Harris is a writer from Prince George, Virginia. She began writing in high school while attending a speech class and in 2018 she was inspired to write again while attending a poetry class. Corrine's goal is to write pieces that are authentic, relatable and that evoke emotion in her readers. "For me, writing is cathartic and I hope that reading my work is cathartic for the audience." To check out more of her work, follow Corrine on her Instagram!


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