'In My Own Words' ft. Jasmine Deloatch

Even my smile doesn't cover for me anymore...

There comes a time in all of our lives where self reflection is a consistent practice. We think about our plan, exactly how we pictured ourselves right here, right now and often that picture is nothing like what we'd imagined. We reflect on every moment that got us here and sometimes what's staring back at us is unrecognizable. What we often don't realize is that so many changes take place within ourselves every day. We are truly one of the most complex beings. Our daily experiences influence who we are, how we think and how we react more than we understand.

What your boss said in your review, that grade you got on your last project, that weird comment your aunt made 2 years ago... these moments stick with us and remind us of how we want to react moving forward. Many of us spend so much time trying to analyze the situation and there isn't anything wrong with that. Maybe this time will be different, you'll be different if you've learned from it all.

A concept I want us all to grasp and hold onto as human beings is that every day before today is the past. The situations of last year, yesterday or the day before are ALL a thing of the past. You're allowed to let go and release what has already made its mark. Holding onto what was and who you used be isn't essential to your growth as a person. You are allowed to change as many times as your spirit allows until you feel like your truest self. Yesterday might have taught you how to receive compliments and not divert, the day before might have taught you not to hold your tongue, today may have a completely different lesson but every one of them will change you in a way that you won't notice until you look in the mirror one day.

About the featured writer:

'addicted to escaping small conversations with my peers for real conversations with myself...'

Jasmine Deloatch is a writer from Virginia.

She started writing when she was 5 years old and strives to write relatable pieces that make people feel as if they aren't alone. To catch up on more of Jasmine's work, follow her on Instagram: @JasmineDeloatch .


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