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Hello Hello! Happy Quarantine everyone! But also its still "Women's History Month" so I'm back with another Word dedicated to the life and trials of women all around. Alright, can we talk about ourselves for a minute?

When was the last time you really took a break? And I don't mean an "I went out this weekend" type of break. I mean an ACTUAL break to relax, reevaluate and regroup. The problem is that we're all so consumed with getting this life thing right that we are neglecting ourselves and what we really need. As women, as humans, as PEOPLE we need to take the time to really look into ourselves and understand what we need in order to do more than just survive. The goal is to thrive you guys!

The key to thriving is taking a break from everything that is going on in your life to just breath. Whether you're raising kids, going to school or just stressed from a weird work week, its important to take time. A lot of us tend to feel bad for taking time for ourselves. We feel like we're neglecting our responsibilities or that we we haven't done enough to deserve a break. The truth is, we know exactly when we're about to reach our breaking point. We just have to catch ourselves before we get there.

Now, taking that time for yourself doesn't mean sitting around doing face masks to feel better. You have to use that time to really get into yourself. Figure out what's really stressing you, get to the bottom of it by doing some self-evaluation. A lot of us don't understand that we're the cause of most of our issues. Ask yourself, are you putting more on yourself than you can handle right now? Are you beating up on yourself as a result of this? I see a lot of this within myself and have learned to tell myself to sit down somewhere. I go through periods of time where I'm trying to juggle everything at once. Being a friend, being a girlfriend, pulling my weight at work, working on making my dreams a reality but also stabilizing my situation, making sure my mom is okay.... YOU CANNOT DO EVERYTHING ALL OF THE TIME!

So figure out what works for you. Maybe you dedicate a specific time during your day to cater to yourself, meditate, cook yourself your favorite meal, watch your favorite movie? or maybe you take a week off and go on a vacation with your people? Whatever it is make sure you're being true to yourself throughout. Your time is YOUR time. Spend it how you want but remember to put yourself first!


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