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Black women, black women... can I just say, we are really out here doing it!!!

Global pandemic aside, there hasn't been a day that I haven't seen us out here grinding. I scroll through my feed and immediately see a queen selling cosmetics, setting up boutiques, opening store fronts, writing books, spreading health and wellness through the community...

And the most rewarding part of it all is that we are supporting each other through it, ACTIVELY and OPENLY! Loud and proud!

The amount of queendom being exposed shouldn't be a surprise. Black women have long proven themselves to be the most self-sufficient group of all time. Now, you can disagree with me here...I want you to know that you'll be wrong.. but thats your business. From the beginning of time, creating and carrying an entire race of people (Hey Siri, tell me about 'Mitochondrial Eve') not much has changed for us.

I think I'm more excited about the amount of empowerment and uplifting I'm seeing because I didn't see a ton of that growing up. I've always seen the cattiness that came from surrounding myself with other black girls. It seemed as though we were all constantly in competition. One of us couldn't thrive because then she'd be 'better' than the rest of us or 'she thinks she so special'.

We didn't want to see each other win and truly never understood why; it was just what we did. Whether we were throwing out backhanded compliments or gossiping to our 'friends'.. we were all a bunch of mini haters whether we care to admit it or not. Part of the issue comes from living in a self-appointed "man's world" where there are only a few spots open for us... we couldn't all succeed at once, that would be a bit excessive, don't ya think?

What's so special about this particular generation of black women is that we're not taking the shit anymore and are actively creating spaces at the top for one another. The times of "may the best woman win" are coming to an end. When one of us wins, we all win and that becomes something way bigger than we all realize. Here we are doing everything we can to bring joy and meaning back into the word sisterhood, so much so that we didn't really understand what we were doing.

We all talk up the idea of breaking generational curses as if they are large hurdles but it honestly doesn't take much thought or effort to get over them; you just do it. We're the generation of young black women that get to say we did what we had to do to get more of us through the doors.

It's no longer acceptable to be the 'First Black Woman' this or that...

One step forward is actually 20 more steps forward when we think of the changes that are taking place due to the teachings of those that came before us but also due in part to the work that we're continuing here. There is a shift in focus occurring for most of us and I'm so glad that I'm here to witness the switch up.

Drop the name of your favorite Black Girl platform/business/foundation... or just drop the name of your favorite black girl and show them some love!


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