The American Dream

Aaaannndd I'm back! And what a week to return!

Can we just take a moment to formally take in the fact that history has been made in a major way this weekend. A WOMAN of COLOR is the Vice President of the United States.... I mean, inclusivity at its finest right?

Many people have expressed their delight in Kamala Harris being the first of her kind to hold the position of Vice President of the U.S. Today I walked into work as the only woman of color with my head held HIGHER than normal and a sense of pride beyond this world. Unfortunately we can't ever feel good about anything without having obvious negatives thrown back at us. Given Biden and Harris' history in regards to race relations, people of color (specifically Black people) are having mixed emotions or are just plain unhappy with the candidates elected.

In this case specifically, I completely understand the pushback. We have two individuals now holding the highest titles in office that in the past have not had the best interest of all Americans in mind. Even with this being the case, BIPOC elected them into office. And here is where I think people are missing the message.

Defeatism has become a prominent American characteristic, especially under the last presidency. We as a nation are so conditioned to the genuine hate and bullshit we've endured from the founding of this country to hell that has been the last 4 years, that we expect defeat without giving the situation a chance. So much so, that people decided voting in one of the most important elections of our time wasn't worth it. As if people didn't fight for our right to vote, as if people didn't die to give us this opportunity...Are we ready for that conversation? Good, cause we're having it anyway.

We have to get to the point where we understand that it is possible and completely normal to feel multiple emotions at once. Happy that a bigot is no longer the President? Amazing. Not that excited about a closeted bigot being the President-elect? Understandable. Proud of Kamala and what her position now means for other women? BE THAT! We're allowed to feel all the feels right now, however we can't lose sight of the true victory we've accomplished.

This election proved the true amount power that the people of this country have! We all know it and I'll continue to say it, BIPOC (with Black women taking charge like we always do) made this happen! From Symone Sanders being Joe Biden's senior campaign advisor, Stacey Abrams single handedly flipped Georgia, Kamala Harris being the securing factor in Biden winning this election (let's be real), to people of color getting out and voting at record numbers... who's stopping us at this point?!

We've heard for so long that we don't have a voice, that our votes don't count for anything but history proves that point wrong time and time again. With the oppressed people of this country constantly using our lives metaphorically and in most cases literally to hold those in "power" accountable we have become our own goals and our ancestors wildest dreams!

We've used our trauma as the driving force to get shit done and that doesn't stop with this election, if anything this presidency will be held 1000% more accountable than the rest, whether that reasoning being because people don't believe in those elected or because we the people are truly tired of being lied to.

After getting a taste of who truly holds the power here, I don't think any of us are in a position to give that up now, we have too much to lose. The true victory is that we handled our business for ourselves and for our ancestors. How many of us thought "damn, if only so-and-so was here to see this"? We didn't do this on our own of course and theres more work to be done, but we're following in the footsteps of those before us; making them proud and continuing to show those that doubt us that this country would be nothing without us.


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