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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Hey Hey!

So the last time we were all here, we were thrilled about the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. And let's be honest, we're still really excited about the Biden/Harris victory. I mean we got rid of the Celebrity-In-Chief and now we're all looking forward to the change that should come from Kamala Harris being in the VP seat. The gag is... we got rid of the Cheeto-In-Charge but his cult members are still amongst us, influencing decisions around us day to day. "There's still work to do" is what we heard a lot of after the election results and that couldn't be more true.

When the topic falls on what a political candidate is going to do for their community or for my community for that matter, I always laugh to myself.. not because anything was particularly funny but because if this election has taught us anything, its sure taught us that we don't need to rely on political candidates/elects for much... the bare minimum to be honest. The plan of execution depends on us... you know, We the people.

BIPOC *cough* black women *cough* did what needed to be done when it came to electing people with a tad bit of human decency into office but what we're missing is the chance to do the same thing closer to home! Remember that one time when people all over the world posted those black squares on their socials to elevate and honor Black lives and they believed that was enough? Or that time we claimed that Black people needed to stick together but we cancelled and shunned those that were lost or claimed different views than the majority of us? OH OH or that time when buying Black and local was the wave for 5 seconds until we started talking about who does and doesn't own a real Birkin bag?

That was a good time to be honest! 10/10 would recommend this level of hypocrisy!

How exactly do we expect these officials to care about us when we only seem to care about us when a life is lost publicly or when it boosts our following? "There's still work to be done" is right when we apply it to ourselves. I love us forever and always but cmon.. We've seen what happens when we come together consistently, from protests and boycotts to simply registering those we love to vote because its their right! We speak about building generational wealth like its something new but aren't doing everything we can to support black businesses, teaching the youth that there are more options for them or giving the older generation another chance to get it right?

I say all of this to say that I have nothing but faith in our community! I repeat myself often when I say once we realize the true power lies within us coming together efficiently and effectively. We all have a part in this group project except none of us can afford to be the person that does nothing and lets the others do it all... cause your name will not be on the final project buddy!!!!

With that being said, I'm going to do my part and continue to uplift and encourage.

On Monday, November 23rd I'll be launching a space on A Word dedicated to uplifting and recognizing Black business owners! You all will have exclusive access to these amazing businesses and get to know others within the community just in time for the holidays! Thank me later!


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