It's Day 9000 of quarantine... How're we feeling? I'm honestly finding myself in a bit of a bind. At the beginning of the quarantine, I looked at this "time off" as a chance to do all of the things I'd been putting off. I would start the projects I never had time for, start writing my book, finally get around to cleaning the depression pit that is my room. I decided soundly and surely that I would handle my business and by the time the world was right again I'd be completely re-centered and skilled beyond anyone's understanding.

But let's be real... My last day of work was March 19th and after almost a month I'm all hustled out. I've applied for all of the jobs I could, updated my resumé, refreshed my skills, worked on a few passion projects but now... I don't really want to do much of anything aside from talking to all of you and kicking my feet up. I know I know, the phrase going around is "if you don't come out of this quarantine with a new hustle you didn't lack time you lacked discipline". But let me tell you why that's bullshit. There are individuals in this world that are losing loved ones or that are worried for them, there are individuals in this world who's mental health was/is at an all time low, there are individuals in this world that are stuck in a hard spot and finding a hustle is that last thing on their mind. People are grieving so many things in so many different ways, shaming them isn't motivation.

On my side of the world, balance is my focus. If you're up on all of my Words you'll know that balance is something I speak to often. I feel its ultimately the key to life. Too much of one thing is overkill, its too strong. When walking this tightrope, putting too much weight on one side of your body will lead to you falling off. Pouring all of yourself into one thing will lead to an overflow of emotions and feelings uncontrollable. In this situation I'm keeping each of my glasses half full. I'm walking the fine line between hustle hard and pouring into myself. And that's exactly how things will stay until outside opens up again!!

In THREE words, how are you moving through this quarantine?


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