So, I originally had a different topic planned for today and I honestly don‘t feel right discussing anything without addressing what has been on my heart.

I read somewhere the other day that “being a black person in America is exhausting”... and I’m hear to say... I FELT THIS IN MY SOUL!

Within the last couple of days I personally have gone through every emotion possible. It’s honestly been feeling as if positivity or just an overall decent day is hard to reach. From turning on the tv or scrolling through the TL on their socials, black people are faced with seeing individuals that look like them being killed by police or having the police called on them for no good reason other than the fact that their skin looks the way it does. Not only are we dealing with that but we’re also having to deal with the constant conversation involving these deaths and interactions. We’re either discussing these situations within our own community, coming up with solutions, scenarios or just discussing the what the fuck of it all... but all day all day. Yes, if we don’t continue to speak to the issues taking place within this country and within our community we will not see any sort of change. The problem that I’m currently having with the constant coverage is that, we don’t really get a break.

By break I don’t mean “let’s revisit this topic”. By break I ultimately mean a chance to regroup and recharge. I’ve felt personally responsible to use my voice and my platform to speak up for those that can‘t because they‘re no longer physically present on this planet. I’ve posted and reposted countless facts, protest footage, history, I’ve even written a spoken word piece that was supposed to be my final comment on it all before I made that change within myself (giving my black dollars to service/causes that serve me). I’ve debated with those that do not understand the fight, I’ve educated those that were willing to learn. Those that are still employed have to go through working as if they’re not dealing with the weight of the world and all of the above. We have to deal with having friends/family on the front lines of this movement risking their safety on BOTH sides who are all trying to be the change they want to see. This shit is conflicting and overall hard to process!!

Forgive me if this is beginning to sound like a rant but also fuck that because I’m tired and I’ll express myself how I please.

Black people... I love you and I love us but I‘ve said all of the above to say this: Please do not feel obligated to fight the way others are fighting. You do not need to: constantly monitor the news, watch every video, join every protest, repost every post, explain the movement to those of privilege, hold back your content or make a comment at all. Take care of yourselves and others in any way you see fit! If you need to march until your soles are worn, do that. If you need to unplug and rest for a while, do that. If you need to create and express through art, do that. If you need to love on those close to you because they’re all you have and all you need, do that. At the end of every day, WE ARE THE MOVEMENT and we fight for ourselves every day by simply being alive!


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