To Know Is To Love

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Okay, so you all know I'm basically obsessed with Insecure and all things Issa Rae (let me go ahead and manifest working with her one more time).

Anyway, on last night's episode, Molly said something that for once didn't make my skin crawl and I haven't been able to get it out of my head...

"You have to be really intentional with the people you love"

That stuck with me in a major way, not only because it was attached to an emotional scene, but because these were words I've spoke myself.

Being intentional is something I pride myself on. When i love you, absolutely everything I do has a reason behind it. Sometimes I do things simply to make someone smile, other times I'm returning the favor in some way, but most of the time I do things with the intention of signifying your importance to me.

Okay so for example, if you know me, you 'll know that I take birthdays extremely seriously; mine and others. I often believe that I take everyone else's birthdays more seriously than they do sometimes but thats only because their entry into this world is significant and everyone should feel that in some shape or form. Another example is that I photograph and record every moment with my loved ones, mostly to look back on the memory because every moment with them is special to me.

Bottomline is I'm intentional in ways that are important and comfortable to me, but I've learned to be mindful of the ways I show up for my people. I wrote a piece back in June of 2020 called "Distortion" where I highlight the difference between intention and perception and how you may go into things with a vision and someone else may see that vision totally different.

I've realized through every form of relationship I encounter that true intention when it comes to the people you love means showing up for them in ways that benefit them without compromising yourself. If your friend is having an event, show up and show up with good vibes and /or people they can connect with. If a loved one is having a rough day, take a daily task off of their plate and give them one less thing to worry about. Sometimes something as simple as a call to check up on them is enough.

Basically what I'm hinting at is, love on your people.

I've learned that life is entirely too short to hold back on the praise that should be given, to not answer those calls or to skip out on that meet up. Love on your people and be real about it, be true about it.

I'm gonna use this word as a love letter to all of my favorite people. You all mean the world to me and I'm so glad you're here.


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