What The F**k Part 1: Life Post-Grad

So, here it is. The truth of it all. I've been out of college for all of 2 months and life has become even more of a shit show than it was when I was a student. Now don't get me wrong, I was DYING to get out of school and couldn't wait to live life as a degree-holding intellectual, but no one told me that this literally means nothing unless you were a grade A over achiever or a legacy kid.

Sorrowful complaints aside, I've done the work and got out, but this is what I'm left with. I've interned at a dead end magazine that won't return my emails, I'm working a dead end job and applying for entry level positions within the writing field that require 7+ years of experience and pay $9.00 per hour, I'm broke and trying to figure out how to be an actual adult. This is Life Post-Grad...What The F**k.

There were moments within the past 2 months that I felt as if nothing would look up for me. I felt stuck in the "now what" of it all. I was witnessing those around me moving through their transition so effortlessly. I got the "what are you gonna do now" question often and had no clue how to answer, and that pushed me into a dark space. Eventually I sat myself down and wrote a list of everything I wanted to accomplish within a year. Along with those goals, I wrote exactly how I wanted everything to play out and what I was going to do in the short run to make that happen. And then it hit me, I was only stuck because of myself. It wasn't because these establishments weren't giving me a chance, but it was because I was starting to lose sight of my own vision.

The point I'm trying to get out here is that yes, this all sucks severely. We're living in such a visual world where everyone is documenting every accomplishment for the world to see, and at the end of the day we all end up comparing our own accomplishments to that of our peers. We're comparing their ups to our downs but what we fail to realize is, NO ONE IS ACTUALLY POSTING THEIR DOWNS!

We are all trying to figure out our next move and struggling with our personal insecurities. "Is it the right time to do this" "So many are doing what I'm trying to do""Why do I deserve this recognition" At this point we have got to kick Imposter's Syndrome out on the street and allow ourselves to really be and to really feel and experience things in real time. Despite the path we all walk to get to our destination, we deserve to be there.

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