What The F**k Part 2: Double-Sided Coin

I'd like to take this time to thank everyone that viewed Part 1! The feedback I've received was so encouraging and really motivated me to keep moving forward in my journey.

On another note, the feedback I received also let me know that a lot of you are DELUSIONAL! I've heard quite a few "You haven't been out long" "You're young, you have time to figure it out". There are so many different ways to approach those phrases but the only thing I can think of is the amount of pressure I feel on a regular despite the "reassurance". The way I see it, Post-Grad pressure is basically a Double-Sided Coin.

Side One is really easy to fall into when you you're first introduced. The "Take Your Time" approach is normally going to come from your peers or people who have no idea what you're major is in the first place. Their advice is almost always "Relax, You'll figure it out. It just takes time." There are times where you'll find yourself really thinking you have all the time in the world. You'll kick back and avoid any opportunity to think anything about what your next step is and that is where the trap starts. Once you get into the habit of pushing your self-established deadline backward, you'll never get started and guess where you'll end up.....STUCK! With that being said, trying to figure out exactly what you're going to do with the next 45 years of your life is not going to happen over night. You're gonna have to spend sometime in the grey area within the transitioning stage. While in that grey area don't be afraid to take risks! Start that small business, get those licenses, START THAT BLOG... figure it all out but being stagnant in the process is not an option.

Alright, let's tackle Side Two. Side Two is the kind of pressure that induces mini panic attacks at least once a week. Side the "Hurry The Hell Up" approach. You'll most likely get this kind of pressure from people that are close to you; your parents, that one grandparent that asks you if you have a "real" job yet, or that one cousin that is basically Oprah. I see more of this side of the coin than the other and I get it. The people closest to you want to see you living your dreams or at least stable and somewhat happy but this sort of pressure will have you second guessing everything. "Did I choose the right path?" "Maybe I should've choose a more traditional option"...NO! Please if you do nothing else, just stick to your shit! Don't let what other people want for you get in the way of what you want or what you're trying to discover. YOU are in charge of YOUR DESTINY and know what's best for yourself. If your path is working retail until you can get your idea of the ground, do that. If your path is to immediately jumping feet first into your passion, DO IT. Don't rush into something that may not be for you because those around you are breathing down your back.

The point I'm trying to make is, don't let the pressure of other people's hopes for you put a timeline on your back. Neither approach is completely wrong but they can be overwhelming at a time of uncertainty. Just remember, each side means well, but everyone's timeline extends out in different ways!


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