Whelp...Here We Go

Alright you guys... I'm finally here. A lot of you know that I've been wanting to begin blogging for THE LONGEST! Truth is, ya girl was terrified. I've been struggling with the idea of starting something and not being good at it right away or failing in the long run. But at this point its now or never.

SO... Welcome to "A Word"!

"A Word" will essentially just be me chatting about life and it's lessons. I decided to just jump into blogging and stop being a little punk not only to release the massive amount of thoughts I hold in on a daily, but to also be a voice for others. I've found myself having conversations about my own experiences and after hearing the reactions of most people, I've realized that people can actually relate to what I'm going through! So yeah, I'm speaking for them and myself! With that being said, thanks for being here! Be sure to subscribe and don't be afraid to join the convo!


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