Would she?

What's going on friends and fam?!

Hoping everyone's week is starting off cool. If not, its not too late to change things right?

Well today I realized ya girl is officially one week away from 27! A whole 27 year old!

Man, if 7 year old me could see me now...

I think about this often to be honest; what would my younger self think of me? Would she like me as a person? Would she be proud of me?

Looking back on that little girl's hopes and dreams, I wonder if I've settled sometimes. Baby girl wanted to be a star! She wanted to touch hearts and change lives in a major way. She also wanted to be Beyoncé so the bar as been set pretty high...

But really, I think about those goals and my current life goals and they really aren't too different, just a little more personal.

My dream is still to touch people's hearts. I want people to see the world differently after a conversation with me or after reading my words. I'm not saying my views are groundbreaking but I try to be as real as possible and I hope that translates and inspires. I want people to look at me and see a genuine soul that is doing their very best ya know?

Outside of others, I've been working to become the person my younger self needed. That's been the hardest part of this journey.

I've had to tear down the negative ideas that have attached themselves to my mind. Casting away feelings of self doubt, detaching myself from fear, loving my living vessel... These tasks haven't been easy but I've made it a point to succeed here because my inner child is counting on me. She needs to know that I'm worth the hard work and dedication and that giving up on yourself when you're stumped isn't the only option.

I look at myself and the work I'm doing with this blog and "A Word with Ang" over on Instagram (YouTube coming soon) and I know she'd be proud of how hard I'm working to do what makes me happy. She now knows that betting on yourself and taking a chance doesn't have to be as scary as the world makes it out to be. Practicality isn't always the way to success and success is what you want it to be.

I've also made it a point to convince myself that you don't have to stick with something that no longer brings you joy! Baby girl used to hold on to old toys and never play with them, but cry when they were given away. A spoiled brat? Absolutely! But also a human that placed happiness into nouns.

A week away from 27 I know that happiness, mine at least, lies within myself. I hold that in my hands and place it nowhere but within my own heart. 27 year old me knows now that the small moments are more significant that the bigger ones because those are the memories you collect authentically. No plans, just vibes and perfect timing.

Little me would be proud of the way I take in these moments. She'd be proud to know that I'm still learning everyday. She'd be excited to hear all of my discoveries, old and new. And she'd be annoyed that being Beyoncé is completely off the table.

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